Too many times during the last near decade and even possibly earlier than that, Hollywood has seemed to churn out movies by the spinster second of movies that had big budgets from ridiculous numbers of $300 million to even garguantuan numbers such as $400 million. There's been a continuous stretch of overspending for studios to make the most perfect budget tentpole for every summer but for an individual who over the past 19 years since November 2004 when I started to spend time in the Cinema or movie theater for every American but the buck has never stopped towards maybe trying a bit of Quality Assurance testing towards every movie being churned out.


Let me explain on where this first blog will be heading towards. When I grew up in Autumn '86, it was a decade of classic movies that even nowadays people consider on the hows and whys as to why people don't make them like they used to. Sure, we have the furore of the over selling of the superhero movies where if you spend x amount of time watching them, there's a clear and distinct repetition on how each movie is exectly like the last apart from the excluded ones such Deadpool, Thor: Ragnorok, Captain America: Winter Soldier. The superhero take has had the ups and downs of chit chats amongst the greatest superhero fans in the world to the middling individuals like me who thinks if we were to take a much fresher, a new spin on the superhero then studios need to stop investing so much $$$ and go back to basics. 

Now, this is where the fun begins. Over the past 19 years of watching some of the greatest scripted movies I have ever come across and viewed, I decided that with anything in Hollywood being churned. From seeing the vast amount of film trailers come before every movie I have ever seen from the day of entering the world of cinema on June 11th 1993 to watch the impeccable and spectacular Jurrasic Park and getting lodged in between my seat to now, it has become the idea well for Hollywood is beginning to dry up with ideas of how to make old school thrillers. My initial plan was to write my first screenplay as I wanted Hollywood to notice that originality could take place in amongst the normal people of coming up with something that could bring back the Golden years of Hollywood such as Die Hard, Predator and Aliens. These three golden movies were an achievement at the time during its release, not just because two of them were male led but with the way they gathered an audience of years to come, a way in which people nowadays can always place these movies in history as game changers. My story is to bring these back but only change the leads to women and promote something that I think a lot of us are missing nowadays, women being in the same league as men.

For each of my books, each will have a leader that I hope ladies and girls can relate to in being powerful, insiprational and most of all offering something that will hold the testemant of time.

So here I am presenting the world to: