William H. Brackley

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I was born in September 1986 and raised in the wonderful city of Glasgow, Scotland. I graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2010 and have since worked in reputable public sector organisations in the IT & Technology sector. I have been intellectually curious from a young age and my friends would describe me as adventurous, quirky, mysterious and humourous. My passion for reading started in primary school. But it was in 2004, a year after leaving school when, if my memory serves me correctly, I began watching movies and a lot of TV shows; becoming fully engrossed in this hobby in most of my free time, to my family's dismay.

In doing so, I developed a sense of large scale ideas which were soon beginning to form my own original ideas for stories. Bit by bit during the night, I found myself warranting the start of tales that were epic in size, but the overall complexity of trying to follow through with them were something of a Christopher Nolanesque approach which allowed me to have something that I felt was quite ambitious to create.

Fast forwarding to 2013/2014, I began to write my first novel. At the time I was engrossed in watching the popular TV show The West Wing, together with movies such as the All The President's Men, 3 Days of The Condor, Michael Clayton, Aliens and Predator. From these, I drew my inspiration and began to construct around 250 pages worth of an original idea. During this initial draft, the hero was from a male characters point of view. Astonishingly, eight months later I read an article which stated that actress Jennifer Lawerence had claimed that there wasn't enough a proper action franchise for women. Somehow something struck a chord with me, without thinking twice, I genuinely deleted all 250 pages and rewrote my entire story from a woman's perspective and ensured that the character resembled a lot of Ellen Ripley's character from Aliens, one of my favourites.

I promise that you will be fully immersed into this epic adventure of the US Navy SEALS and will not be able to put this book down until you find out exactly how their mission concludes. I would love to hear from you so please do get in touch and I endeavour to reply back to each and everyone of you.

Many thanks for reading and thank you for visiting this page.

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“A sensational masterclass on how to deliver a debut novel. Brackley had me hooked from page one with a relentless adventure that had intrigue, action and twists throughout. If you love storytelling, you’ll love The U.S. Navy SEAL!”

Joe Black